The 2nd annual Dungeons & Dreamforce game is about to commence.  Personally, I am ecstatic about this event and I hope many of you find some joy and entertainment in it as well.  Many of you reading this are preparing for Dreamforce right now.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I am inclined to ask myself what I want to achieve and why.  The “Why” is what I have been pondering lately, specifically in relation to our Dreamforce crossover game of Dungeons & Dragons. Let me detail out for you some of these points.

Diversity Training

One of the key ingredients to a successful team in a Role Playing Game is diversity.  Technically you can have a team of tough, Varsity Football, Hit-point Meat bags; but is that really the best way to take down an evil Lich King?  You need a team with skills spread around so you are able to tackle whatever challenge you face.  You need the Gothic Wizard, the Goody Two-Shoes Cleric, the Skater Rogue and the Drama Geek Bard.  The game encourages the players to role play and empathize with the type of people we generally wouldn’t hang out with.  To be clear, this is in NO WAY a replacement to having a diversified swath of friends and colleagues.  I do believe though that this form of game play prepares more socially awkward people (as in, people who enjoy pretending to be wizards in their basements) to interact with those outside their comfort zone.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

The second “Why” has got to be the STATS!!!  Who among us doesn’t love collecting numbers; applying those numbers to hypothetical situations and factoring in a random variable to see if the odds fall in your favor.  Seriously, I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat just thinking about my proficiencies and skill bonuses.  Video Games are a ton of fun, but there is something personal and heartwarming when you track and manage them yourself.  For example, would you rather your lunch be a handmade PB&J and a cool glass of milk or… Peanut butter crackers and warm can of Nearly Cola?  Building, tracking and managing your character in graphite and paper is that special touch that makes the hours of game play totally worthwhile.


A Very Brave Kid, Facing Very Scary Odds

The third and strongest drive as to why I personally started up Dungeons & Dreamforce is actually quite tragic.  Many of us with kids have become familiar with that friend that’s always hanging out around the house, has made it to every birthday and sleepover.  In our case, her name is Mackenzie, but I have teasingly called her “Mac” ever since I met her.  Of all of my daughter’s friends, she’s been the only one to make a crude fart joke before I could.  She is silly, welcoming and thoughtful.  I am sorry to introduce you to this wonderful human being only to immediately report that she was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago.  Mac fought and beat this evil beast.  Her family lived in the Children’s Hospital here in Oklahoma City while she dealt with pressure and procedures that lesser men would crumble under.  While she did beat this cancer into remission, I learned just a few days ago that it’s returned. I haven’t spoken publicly about Mackenzie and her family to much.  It felt like an invasion of their privacy during trying times.  As they gear up for a second battle, it’s become apparent that they need more help.  Please visit their page to learn more about an amazing kid that deserves an opportunity to make her own impact on this world. Team Mackenzie

So, this is my “Why”.  Personally, I can’t do much to help out Mac or her family.  When this news first broke, when she first fell ill, I felt hurt and embarrassed that I couldn’t do much to help.  It became apparent that sitting idly by was not the person I wanted to be.  It wasn’t the example I wanted to set for my children.  This is why I became determined to do something and sought out Extra Life . I decided to make an impact on this world by playing silly games with my friends.  This silly game allows me to relish in the excitement of stats and variables.  This silly game teaches me how to empathize with those usually outside my social circle.  This silly game grants me the opportunity to help many children face the same demons that Mac battles today, demons far worse than many of us have ever seen.  I have given you my “Why”.  Perhaps you take a moment and determine your own “Why”.  Please joins us for D&DF17 as we fight Evil in a Fantasy world and raise money to fight evil in the Real World.  You can follow the link above to learn about Mackenzie or read up on the other amazing kids within the Children’s Miracle Network below.  Thank you.

In Case You Missed them, here are those Links Again.

Team Mackenzie

Extra Life

Children’s Miracle Network


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