Thoughts on #DnDF17 10.16.17

I am no longer a stranger to the magic I witness during our Dungeons & Dreamforce games.  Sure, I witness the magic produced by our in-house Grumpy Wizard Kriv; but what encompasses me is the familial wonder of seeing our Ohana Network buzz to life and create something real.  The laughter, the banter, the love.  A number of very generous donations were made to our cause.  My hope is that this rumbling philanthropy within us is… infectious.

Do you know what I loved the most out of all of this evening?  My screen had so many faces.  So many faces.  In my day to day work, even when I am working with users to design a process I am never working with 6 other people at one time.  All night I have been filled with laughter and most of it was initiated by the simple fact that we have brought so many people together for a Fantastic purpose.  If we do not raise a single dime further for our cause, my appetite will be completely satiated.

It would have been my Grandmother’s birthday tonight.  She was sassy and salty and didn’t put up with an ounce of shit (as she would have put it). Tonight I sipped on Dewar’s white label because it was the only liquor I saw her drink.  I relish in the thought that what we did tonight; this silly game of make believe would be something she’d be proud of.

Presumed quote of Ovella “Dell” Hedge: “You little Shits had me laughing my ass off.  Good for you.”

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