I promised to fill everyone each week.  Hopefully I will maintain this pattern throughout the Implementation.  With that being said, some weeks will be rather quite.  It is likely that reading about a week’s worth of documentation writing would be about as entertaining as a 23 pg. thesis on matte finish paint and its physical effects upon drying.    It wouldn’t be right to say nothing happened last week in my Implementation.  I was actually given some interesting guidance and news.  The Executive team assured their trust in me and gave me absolute control over the company’s future on the Salesforce Platform.  I will be bringing in a second Admin soon to help with our progress and setting a faster pace than was previously set.  All of this excitement can give one a touch Spider-Man Fever; you know the one, Great Power and Great Responsibility.   No worries, though!  If there is just one thing the Ohana is extremely good at, it’s instilling confidence in #AwesomeAdmin.

Some of the work I did tackle was scrubbing the data from the legacy system.  After a day and half of queries, filters and sorts I determined that the best approach would be to get managers in each department to give me a list of Accounts they will need to see pulled across.  I have a few weeks before this list must be fine tuned, but it gives me a good  data set to begin testing.  I also spent some time doing Business Analysis (BA) work.  I discovered that managers really want to talk to you about their business processes. While their thoughts are important, you can’t pass up the chance to sit down with their star player.  Who ever that is (Thank you Ashley and Eddy) they will be huge in giving you an idea about how the User Experience needs to roll.  I will more to discuss in weeks to come. In the Mean time, make sure you are taking notes.  Lots and lots of notes.

See you guys next week!

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