Sooooo…  Week three.  Here we are.  It is fair to say that I have begun to wade into the thick of the planning phase.  There are apps that need to be identified as necessary for the first wave.  There is the little issue of staffing my team to ensure a successful implementation.  Most importantly, there is the task of documenting our Sales Process.  I feel like I made little progress in all three areas.  I’ll spend a bit of time discussing each branch here.

My marketing team uses Hubspot. I was struggling with an internal debate to involve them in the first wave.  In the end, I determined visibility into the pipeline was the bare minimum I could do for them.  In the meantime, I noticed they were using Hubspot.  I dealt with this menace before, but it was always on my periphery.  For some odd reason, I can’t find a connector listed in the AppExchange.  There is a ton of work and this is a low priority right now, so I’m going to put a pin in it.  Perhaps some of you will have pointers on a Hubspot integration.  The most important app to have from day one is a good merge doc Application. This sounds like a job for Conga Man!!!  I know differing opinions exist regarding your Merge Doc choices out there; but I can tell you this, Conga is a reliable tool with consistent support and I have 6 years experience building templates.  I set up a demo for one of my Directors and without fail, they provided some gold.  There are more apps to consider but this is a good start.

When I took this job, I was replacing a cherished member of our User Group.  Unforeseen circumstances caused  her to step aside from the role.  The good news is that I was able to persuade management to court her back to the company once I took the reins.  This was a HUGE win for me this week.  Where I may have more Salesforce Experience, she has a huge advantage in the existing Sales Process.  Let’s not discount the end-user trust in her.  Something I am learning quickly; end-users need to trust that you have their best interests in mind.  It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable I am in the Salesforce platform, Meena will lead our Sales Team to the Salesforce better than effort I make.

Documenting the Sales Process is the toughest.  For the initial Implementation, I am dealing with five separate heads of departments.  More importantly, I have sought input from five separate Team Leads.  Something I learned, and you should consider this as well, the best bang for your buck requirements are going to come from those who live in the trenches.  It was a great amount white boarding to draw up a pretty process.  I think the toughest part is drawing a mix between the Process as is and the process as I would like it to be.  SEMANTICS, that’s another issue.  One team is clearly needs Opportunities, but they wound up using Cases in the legacy system.  When someone refers to a Lead, they should be saying “Qualifying Opportunity”.  I need to simplify their process while still making every department feel like they have the most complex system in the company.  I can tell you that by 5:07 pm on Friday afternoon, I was still staring at my white board.  I had a bitter taste in my mouth from absent-mindedly putting the wrong end of the dry-erase marker in my mouth.  Ultimately, I had a process drawn up that I was proud enough to take a picture of.  Next week I will draw this up on

Thanks for listening to me drone on.  Hopefully we all learned something.

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