CF Collective Podcast

Cloud Force Collective #9 Leslie, Velonis & Park

Hi everybody!

This week on the Cloud Force Collective we have a new (yet long overdue) host and a couple of amazing women to talk.

Marched for an LGBTQ Equality event in Phoenix today.  Bringing Diversity into the Collective.  WIT, how do we find more allies?  April 19th in Phoenix, Ally Event.  Allison is organizing a WIT Thirsty Thursday.  Invite a panel of Women Who Dev.  The next event will be Steps to become Dreamforce Presenter.  Splash Link to come soon.  WITness Success will be in Denver on July 27-28.  The WITness team has already considered the question, “What do I do with my kids?”  They say bring your kids.  We’ll find a way to make it work.  Its a great learning experience.  Girl Develop IT (GDI) is a fantastic program that teaches developing skills to those in need.  Should be a class the following weekend after MWD.

Check out all the excitement with the links below!



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