Hi All!  I’m using this opportunity to smash two weeks together.  Let’s chalk it up to a lack of reportable information.  I don’t want to say I lost an entire week.  There has been a handful of accomplishments.  Though some setbacks have occurred.  The important lesson to take from that 4th week is assembling a team of Salesforce Superstars is a difficult but highly rewarding journey.   Cheers!!


I have a recurring date with my Executives to provide updates and road mapping.  It has become clear that I can too easily get bogged down in details.  As the leader of this Implementation Expedition, I realize that I need to make sure OUR process is in line.  This entails brushing up on AGILE.  One of my colleagues here set me up on ClickUp.  This is proven to be a great tool to manage tasks and projects.  There are plenty of apps and tools for this in the AppExchange, but that move can be made once we get some traction with our Users. My near-term objective is to consume a ton of content on AGILE and have a rough outline of how we as a team will keep our projects organized.  I was also asked to seek more feedback from the Directors and give more thought to the roll-out plan.

Honestly, I want to report more to you.  Whether you are reading this in real time or if you are from the future, seeking relevant blogs about your own Salesforce Implementation, you deserve more from me at this stage.  All I can say is I am working as hard as I can to get out of the Planning Stage.  I can begin to go into detail about how I plan to have 3 record types for my Opportunities which will help segment our different pipelines.  I could discuss my plan to set up Hierarchical relationships between Opportunities to help auto-update milestones.  Of course, none of this matters until I begin to set our process in stone…  Digital Cloud-Based Stone I Suppose.  Here is what I can do and should do more of each week:  I should be posting links to other things I have come across and read to help with my journey.  Let me post this one off the bat.  Carolyn Adams was a guest on the Cloud Force Collective podcast recently, but it was a pure coincidence when I came across her session from Dreamforce15.  Please set aside 40 minutes to watch her session.  I have found it incredibly beneficial.

Prepare for Launch! How to Set Up a Successful Salesforce Implementation


Talk to you in a week!!!


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