Give Back with #DnDFSpring

We are super excited to open up the donation opportunities for Dungeons & Dreamforce: Spring Edition!

I am sure that you have fallen in love with our Heroes and want to help them in the adventure.  You are in luck.  When you make a donation to PepUp Tech, you can grant a gift to the team.  Listed below are some of the amazing gifts.  Our sessions will be published as Podcast Episodes on the Cloud Force Collective Podcast feed.  After the release of each episode, everyone has a week to make donations.  HELP our Heroes for the next session.  FOLLOW THIS LINK to give back to PepUp Tech and HELP out Heroes.


Re-Roll Badge ($10) -This gives you a chance to award a Re-Roll Badge to a player or the Dungeon Master.  Re-Roll badges can be used to roll again if they rolled a seriously sad number when they really needed.




QuickWin Deployfish ($20) – You can up your prize to an automatic win for a player or the Dungeon Master.  They will use it when they come to a point where failure is simply not an option.



Broken Governor Limit ($25) – Just bit more than the QuickWin, get a bigger bang for your buck by allowing your favorite Hero a chance to Literally Break the Game Rules (at the DM’s Discretion)




Magic Lightning Component (>$200) – Want to make a really huge impact for our heroes?  These are Magic items that can make or break this D&DF17 Implementation.  The dollar signs are a bit higher than the Re-Roll Badge or the QuickWin Deployfish, which makes them an excellent Company Sponsorship opportunity.  The Professional Magic Lightning Component is $200.  If you really want to help, ask us about the Enterprise or Unlimited Lightning Components.