Playing the Game

Congratulations!  the ADMIN Game can be a fun and motivating force in your journey to become a well balanced Admin, Developer, Friend, Family Member and/or Human Being.

If you have not installed the package yet, follow this link and plug into your favorite dev org.

 <b> the ADMIN Game!</b>

Start a game by opening your new app off to the right, “the ADMIN Game”.

Start a game by creating a Level Up Record and give it a name.  I suggest some sort of motivational objective key word like “Certification” or “To Infinity and Beyond”.

The objective is to Level Up in 6 possible Attributes.  This is done by logging any tasks undertaken throughout the day.  Your <<ADMIN LEVEL>> is the running average of each Attribute Level.

A popularly infamous tactic to productivity is conducting a Weekly Review.  This is discussed in great depth in “David Allen’s Getting Things Done”.  I strongly encourage all of you to check it out.  Here is a link to the (Book) and the (Audible).  In relation to the game, you need to create the first Weekly Review record from the related list on your new Level Up Record.  This triggers a process that will

close and lock this Weekly Review 7 days from now and create a brand new one for you.  What you as a player needs to do is look over all your obligations and expectations once a week and then set your priorities for each Attribute.  If you know you must push hard at Work or you know you need to focus on an Ohana project, set those priorities to TOP.  If you know that you shouldn’t be too centered on yourself, then set it to LOW.  This is important because the XP you collect throughout the week is affected by what you have determined is important to you.

Now all you need to do is log any activity or completed task you do throughout the week.  There is a Quick Action that can be found on the Weekly Review chatter feed.  Set your Attribute.  Determine if you are “Creating” or “Consuming”.  Enter your time expended in the form of hours; 1:15=1.25, 45min=.75, 2hrs=2.0.  From here your data is rolled up and calculated in experience Points or XP.  For a more detailed explanation of the formula to identify XP, check out the diagram below.


Adventure 1.2.17 – The previous version (Adventure 1.1.17) was meant to have an approval process included that locked the Weekly Review.  I’m excited to tell you that I learned Approval Process aren’t included in packages.  This new version adjusted the Process: Weekly Review Chain to not include a triggered process.  In its place, I added a Validation Rule that stops one from editing their Weekly Priorities after the week has been closed.  Look into this idea involving the Approval Process in Packages. Salesforce IDEA

I really appreciate your interest in the ADMIN Game.  It sprang forth from a conversation I had with two amazing people within the Salesforce Ohana while resting weary feet at #DF16.  It is important for me to credit Kelly Leslie and Dale Ziegler for their encouragement and inspiration.  This is just the first version of the ADMIN Game.  I hope to improve the game with feedback and expertise provided by all of you.  There is great potential in making this a fun tool to improve one’s productivity and could be perfect to introduce new Adventurers into the Salesforce Ohana.  Please play the game and make your own tweeks to fit your needs.  I would love to hear about them so we could work those needs into the full package.  Thanks!

John Graf –